little things - big change

You should pay attention to all 3 poles of life – EAT, MOVE, THINK – to find joy, happiness and purpose. There is no solution with doing one thing right (e.g. weight loss) and the others not. Humans are very complex creatures. You will find bliss only when working on all topics and fine tune the radio buttons. It is easier than you think. Start step-by-step with natch by implementing certain procedures and behaviors. The good natch news: it all lies in your hands and most of the topics are fun, straight forward and simple, but all these simple steps together make the big change.

EAT at natch

It all starts with a healthy stomach. Eating the wrong food results in a negative mood. Negative mood results in bad concentration. Bad concentration results in frustration and craving more of the “wrong” food. Concentration and focus are key for everything you do.

The food you eat influences your mood, energy level, weight loss and health

EAT natch, and its weight loss programs, were developed based on the understanding that the main problem humans face today is the irregularity of blood sugar levels. Before you are thinking of going vegan or paleo, being an active athlete or a couch potato get your blood sugar levels right. This is the most important topic you have to master. Once mastered you will experience a maximum energizing effect while dropping pound by pound by pound. Enjoy the weight loss journey to good food. Do it, natch!

Weight loss is key for feeling healthy

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MOVE at natch

You only have one body. Although we have made great achievements in supporting health and correcting health issues with medicine, statistics show a majority of the population is suffering from one or more pain sources. Maintain your body properly as it is the real healer.

A majority of the population is suffering from back pain

MOVE natch gives you some important insights on how it is possible to strengthen your body and support weight loss, no matter what age you are. This is important. We also show you why in makes no sense to run and to stretch and to waste your precious time with cardio, thinking this is necessary for weight loss. Enjoy the journey to a stronger body. Do it, natch!

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THINK at natch

It has been known for a very long time how important our own thoughts are, but that has gotten lost with all the other important tasks we are facing on a daily basis: How to setup your new cell phone, how to enter an address in your car navigation system, how to get these new shoes with only paying with bonus miles, how to protect your identity, how to make the right move to get a desired promotion etc. etc.

We have lost track of our thinking

THINK natch provides some simple tools to make the change on how and what you think. Be aware: Your thoughts are creating your future. Enjoy the journey to spirituality. Do it, natch!

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