What is Power Thinking?

It has been known for a very long time how important our own thoughts are. We can influence it through Power Thinking. However, that has gotten lost with all the other important tasks we are facing on a daily basis: How to setup your new cell phone, how to enter an address in your car navigation system, how to get these new shoes with only paying with bonus miles, how to protect your identity, how to make the right move to get a desired promotion etc. etc.

We have lost track of our (power) thinking…

Be aware: Your thoughts are creating your future. Here is the important part: Power Thinking is that you determine what your are thinking about. There are a wide variety of techniques available. Focusing on what your desires are, as if you would have it already, is key. Not desperately wishing and wining for it, no, you have to imagine the feeling as if you would have it already. Contemplate the status of having achieved the desired state or property.

A good beginner practice for focusing your thoughts on a certain task and topic is mirror training. Robert Holden is an expert in mirror training. Watch his mirror work video series. This will elevate your life.

mirror work with Robert Holden at natch
Mirror Work with Robert Holden

Another awesome technique is meditation, which is explained in the next paragraph.

Power Thinking with Meditation

One of the most overlooked tasks is to give our brain rest, regularly. Some find it in a deep meditative stage, some find it in yoga, and some in sport: the situation where you simply don’t think about anything or being 100% in control of your thoughts. For most this is far more difficult than it sounds. Try it: think nothing for 3 minutes! Yes, thinking nothing is the beginning of Power Thinking.

Meditation frees us from earthly conditions and attachments. It allows our mind into a higher conciseness by bringing a peaceful blissfulness in our heart and soul that can only be found through meditation.

By meditating daily you get in touch with the universe, experience light, love and inner peace which we share with all that we come in contact with. We keep the energy flowing through our vessel by meditating daily.

It is important to be dedicated to the practice of meditation to receive the benefits of Power Thinking. It is best if you can meditate for 20 to 30 minutes at the start of your day, and again for the same amount of time at dusk. Once you start to feel the deep peace and inner joy it brings, it will become an important part of your daily routine that you will look forward to.

You may not feel immediate results. It’s like planting a seed tending to the soil and watering it daily. You watch it and nothing happens, but you keep nurturing the seed, and then one day a magnificent flower blossoms.

Keep meditating and one day the light will enter your vessel. It will open your mind to unlimited possibilities and creativity. You will feel the universe through love, peace and joy. It will change your life. You will find purpose and transform your challenges into blessings. You will see the goodness in others and make a difference in the world.

Meditation can free you from your doubts, worries and fears and can play a significant role in improving your situation if you suffer from depression.

Yes, meditation is that powerful!

Enjoy the journey to spirituality. Find more to read about brain work and must read book recommendations here: THINK at natch

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