Our team is growing rapidly

We are here to be part of the fight against overweight and obesity

We as a group have an unbelievable desire and willingness to change the world for the better. With endless enthusiasm and energy every topic gets researched and documented thoroughly. A topic can only go online if the team has a common understanding of its holistic nature and unbiased approach regarding diet preference.

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Dr. Dirk
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Kraft durch Freude

Good food and happy people in mind.

Our Journey. Our History.

Sounds like a piece of cake, but the development took some time. The exciting result is a successful, holistic life-style guideline.

Across all diets. Across the globe.

Wednesday, January 7th: Champagne!! The new natch.life webpage went online! Champagne, tears, unbelievable emotions within the natch crew, the test team and the pre-registered V.I.P. members. What a great start into a new year. The journey to contribute to heal the earth from obesity and overweight is one important step further.

The new natch.life website is online as a state-of-the-art secured webpage. It is very secure through a full SSL network-coverage.


Due to latest recommendations the natch team decided to elevate the natch webpages to SSL standard. The team is working day and night during this holiday season to make the impossible possible: A fully https:// website to offer maximum security for every page you visit at natch.life! Furthermore, latest techniques for high-resolution/retina compatibility, mobile responsiveness and browsing speed have been implemented.

The final slogan is decided: Do it, natch! = Do it naturally. The core of the natch platform is its website. It is growing and growing. The natch team works 24/7. The speed things happening is astonishing. The extended webpage enters the test phase with information, shop and membership area. Thrilling to see these things happen!

Working hard, sleeping less, but this motto keeps us going: This platform will definitely help people who are overweight or obese! The first test results are overwhelming, even on athletes the drop on body fat content is astonishing. Further development of the natch philosophy. Program packages and access structure with online recipes, meal plans, success journal and trainings tips are developed.

Paleo and Vegan followers meet at the natch headquarters. Loud discussions, yet emotional but not convincing enough. Conclusion of the first workshop: Religiously following a specific diet cannot be the solution in the fight against overweight and obesity. A more holistic approach across all diets has to be developed. Workshop #2 shapes the core of natch: the magic natch dial was developed, the birth of a philosophy to fight overweight and obesity and to provide information and tips for a happy, healthy life.

And a great achievement: Works across all diets!

First ideas of a recipe blog website. A webpage with a few recipes and some (very) enthusiastic cooks. All should be naturally, yes, natch was born, it is the abbreviation for naturally. Perfect sense! … and fun. Lots of very good responses to our low glycemic recipes, hmmm, something has to be done! Can we fight overweight and obesity?!