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Easy Weight Loss guide with 5 simple rules

It all starts with a healthy stomach. Eating the wrong food results in a negative mood. Negative mood results in bad concentration. Bad concentration results in frustration and craving to more of the “wrong” food. Concentration and focus are key for everything you do.

The main problem humans face today is the irregularity of blood sugar levels. Before you are thinking of going vegan or paleo, being an active athlete or a couch potato get your blood sugar levels right.

1. Stay low glycemic

Food with a high glycemic load lets the body’s blood sugar level rise. The high blood sugar level (glucose) triggers insulin which brings energy to the cells. Excess energy gets converted and stored as fat.
It is important to avoid these constant high peaks in blood sugar. If you let your blood sugar level spike with high glycemic food over and over again, sooner or later your body (pancreas, liver etc.) will collapse, your insulin levels will be off, weight loss inevitable. This is the most important topic you have to master. Once mastered you will experience a maximum energizing effect while dropping pound by pound.
If you are interested how easy weight loss can be check out the natch Weight Loss Plans.

2. Avoid Fructose

It is proven that Fructose, although a medium glycemic sugar, is the main contributor to gain weight. It makes a big difference for weight loss if you eat a banana (high glycemic) or a bowl of berries with full fat yoghurt (low glycemic).
Fructose, which negatively influences the body’s appetite hormones (triggers Ghrelin, the hunger-hormone) and high glycemic index foods (sugars and refined carbohydrates) are responsible for weight gain. Get the full story about fructose by watching Dr. Lustig’s presentation.

natch easy weight loss dr lustig

3. Stay hydrated

Drink your water. Avoid sodas. Sodas are loaded with sodium to make you want more. To cover the high sodium content the soda industry needs lots of sugar, high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweetener. If you are an athlete sodium is very important, a pinch of salt in a pitcher of water is great, but avoid the high sodium contents which sodas have.
Water is the way to go. It is an appetite depressor and the main substance for life. If you miss taste add a slice of fruit or vegetable which can change and enhance the taste of water dramatically: cucumber, lemon, lime, strawberries are only some of many great choices.

4. Eat whole foods, do not juice

Digestion begins in the mouth. Some carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits get broken down by the saliva’s enzymes. By drinking instead of eating vegetables and fruits, you bypass this important process of pre-digestion, which might cause stomach problems.
Having the glycemic load in mind, there is really no difference if you drink a sugared can of soda or a freshly pressed orange juice in the morning. The sugar amount in pure fruit juice is enough to let the blood sugar level spike within minutes, especially in the absence of fiber which gets disposed of with the peel.
Juices are increasing the risks of obesity and obesity-related diseases.
If you want a smoothie once in a while use a blender (e.g. Nutribullet). Blending is processing food at home. For some ingredients that might increase the nutritional value through extraction, but fiber can get destroyed. Therefore add a half teaspoon of fiber (e.g. Psyllium) AFTER THE BLENDING PROCESS into your smoothie.

5. Prepare your own food

There are so many ways to prepare a fast, yummy snack for work or school. Restaurant food is great for social events and might seem convenient. However, for easy weight loss and health you simply have to know what is on your plate. Taste enhancer, sodium and low quality ingredients may jeopardize your health and weight loss attempts by storm.

Enjoy the journey to easy weight loss and health. Find more to read about easy weight loss and lots of low glycemic recipes here: EAT at natch

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