CRACKEM – Where have you been?

We love to browse on Kickstarter periodically. What a great platform! Kickstarter went viral when projects like, the Pebble watch, sky-rocked and hit millions of dollars. $10 million or more in your bank account is a good way to start a business.

Because of all these popular projects Kickstarter became an institution for new business ideas.

Not every idea could make it, but there are product ideas where you think: Why now? Why not sooner? Human beings landed on the moon more than 50 years ago, but the birth year of having a decent device to crack an egg was last year:

CRACKEM was launched

For us it was a no-brainer for a pledge. Founder David Tennant came up with the idea in 2013. After a year of testing and tweaking, a successful Kickstarter campaign enabled him the start off the CRACKEM business.

It is a pretty simple product. However, in this simplicity lies the beauty of this kitchen helper. How it works: you crack the raw egg sideways by a quick touchdown. The fold in the CRACKEM is designed to break the egg enough for an easy opening in two halfs by avoiding a complete destruction of the egg shell.

The CRACKEM comes in 4 different colors right now (white, red, blue, black) with great potential for additional varieties and special designs as shown in our header image at the top of this post and here:

natch blog crackem design
Design Ideas for the amazing Crackem

Summary: For 6 bucks ($5 if you purchase one of the multi-packs) you get this modified spoon rest which will change your cooking life. On some days the natch team has to crack dozens of eggs when working on test recipes or preparing for an event. With the CRACKEMs it is easy to avoid the big mess you might create from time to time. After all that work you will be happy to hear that the CRACKEM is dishwasher-safe as well.

natch post of crackem assortment
PS: Neither the author, natch nor a natch team member is affiliated with CRACKEM, it is simply a great thing! Check out their webpage:

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