Foam Rolling: 5 reasons for Albanator

Foam Rolling: Next level muscle pampering I’m Alban Lakata, mountain bike pro. My fans call me Albanator. Exactly 10 years after I won my first marathon race, I became the World Champion in St. Wendel, Germany in 2010. Since 15 years I compete in long distance marathon mountain bike races. In that span as an […]

Easy Weight Loss

Easy weight loss

1. Stay low glycemic Food with a high glycemic load lets the body’s blood sugar level rise. The high blood sugar level (glucose) triggers insulin which brings energy to the cells. Excess energy gets converted and stored as fat. It is important to avoid these constant high peaks in blood sugar. If you let your […]


Crackem – Where have you been?

CRACKEM – Where have you been? We love to browse on Kickstarter periodically. What a great platform! Kickstarter went viral when projects like, the Pebble watch, sky-rocked and hit millions of dollars. $10 million or more in your bank account is a good way to start a business. Because of all these popular projects Kickstarter […]

natch espresso story

Espresso: Italy in a cup

Italy in a cup. Guess what – you are an espresso expert! As someone who appreciates good food and drinks, you probably like what Italy has to offer. Navigating Italy’s culinary specialties though is not easy. If you go to Italy, you will soon realize the difficulties of eating and drinking as the locals do. […]